Do I need to go the Chapter office for the Marketing Plan release?

No – access the Marketing Plan at www.shopcaioc.org

Do I need a lottery number?

No.  Use the Member Access Code.

Do I get what I pay for?

Yes. You get what you pay for in full using a credit card on the new e-commerce site.

What if I want to pay with a check?

Contact brandon@caioc.org – events will be reserved first for Members who have paid in full on this new e-commerce site.

I’m a small organization and can’t spend a lot at once, what do I do?

Please pay for what your budget allows you to buy.

We will release April-December 2022 luncheon exhibitors at a future date so that we can even the playing field for Member organizations of different sizes and budgets.

Who will get/who got the 2022 Marketing Plan catalog/book?

The primary CAI National member contact for your organization will be sent it by e-mail on 11/29.  Contact brandon@caioc.org if you have membership-related questions.

Can I buy more events on or after 11/29?

Yes, any events you pay for in full with a credit card using the e-commerce site will be reserved for you. You can keep coming back and buying multiple events on 11/29.

How do I know if there are opportunities left for an event?

We have listed the limits and the event will “Sold Out” at the bottom.

I want to start reserving my events but need to talk with my team before paying for it, what do I do?

You can keep the items on your cart but remember, only those paid for in full using the e-commerce site will be considered reserved. That means, until you pay for it, you may lose that opportunity to another Member.

What if I buy a sponsorship and need to cancel or request a refund?

Contact brandon@caioc.org ASAP.  Administrative fees will apply for canceling an event after it has been purchased.  Please review the Marketing Plan catalog and know what you would like to buy to avoid administrative fees that you will be charged for.  Refunds will be processed manually and due to outsourced accounting and our check signing process, can take up to 30 business days.

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